Every repair is crafted with love and skill. You can trust us with your precious possessions. From necklaces to rings to watches, our master jewelers have over 75 years of experience in repairing just about anything.

We can repair and refurbish your broken or worn jewelry in a timely and professional fashion. In fact, most repairs are completed in just two to five business days. We take great pride in our craftsmanship, workmanship and relationship with you our valued customer. No repair is complete without first being refinished top to bottom, and inspected for precise quality.

Some of our most common repair requests, but not limited to are:

1. Ring sizing and rhodium plating
2. Chain and clasp repair
3. Prong re-tipping and channel rebuilding
4. Missing diamond or colored stone replacement
5. Watch repair
6. Replace watch batteries
7. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. This is why we offer a 1-year repair workmanship warranty.



Most insurance companies require an updated appraisal when requesting coverage for your jewelry items. Robert Irwin Jewelers will supply a free appraisal for any item purchased at Robert Irwin Jewelers.

For family heirlooms, engagement rings, and all jewelry purchased elsewhere, Robert Irwin Jewelers can provide an accurate appraisal of your jewelry for a nominal fee.



You may purchase this service plan for a small fee with any fine jewelry purchase. See store for details.

What is Covered

This plan is intended to cover repairs and maintenance to your fine jewelry item.  We will furnish parts and labor necessary to maintain your fine jewelry item in a useable and wearable condition, provided the item is being worn in a normal and usual fashion, and not being subjected to abuse or unusual wear.  Robert Irwin Jewelers reserves the right to determine if an item is being subjected to unreasonable wear, and whether an item may be satisfactorily repaired or if it should be replaced. 

The plan covers, but is not limited to, the following services: ring sizing, prong re-tipping, head replacement, prong replacement, stone tightening, total or partial shank repair or replacement, rhodium plating, chain soldering, jump ring soldering, clasp replacement, rebuilding pendant loops, and tightening earring backs.  All repairs will be completed by us.  All parts being replaced will be replaced with parts of like kind and quality to the best of our ability.