How to Bring Back the Sparkle to Your Silver Jewelry

Posted on Saturday, April 15th, 2017 at 1:27 pm by Jeremy

Sterling silver jewelry is generally created out of 92.5 % silver and around 7.5% other metals. It's important to note that real silver jewelry can blacken from oxidation. In order to keep your silver jewelry sparkling for generations to come, follow these simple steps to prevent tarnishing.

1. Clean With a Polishing Cloth: 

  • Polish your silver jewelry gently after each use before returning it to its storage container or armoire. Use a special silver polishing cloth as it helps in cleaning oxidized silver. If you don't have one, a soft, liny-free cloth will suffice. 
  • Use long back and forth movements while polishing. Avoid going in circles as that will highlight any scratches in your piece.
  • Use different sections of your cloth frequently as you don’t want to accidently rub tarnish back on to your jewelry. 
  • Polishing jewelry with a dirty cloth can leave scratches. 

 2. Wash With Soap and Water: 

  • Gently wash silver jewelry (without gemstones or pearls) in warm water with mild dish soap.
  • If your silver jewelry contains gemstones or pearls, use a cotton swab to only clean the silver part.

 3. Summer Heat Can Blacken Silver: 

  • Avoid wearing silver jewelry when you swim or go to the beach.
  • The sun and humidity can damage it and cause tarnishing.
  • Salt water can also damage silver jewelry.

 4. Remove Silver Jewelry During Workouts and Household Chores:

  • Remove your silver jewelry while doing household chores or working out.
  • Certain chemicals, such as bleach, latex, and wool as well as foods containing sulphur heighten the tarnishing process.
  • Avoid lotions, hairsprays, perfumes, cleaning products, and yardwork when wearing silver jewelry.

5. Store Silver Jewelry to Keep Safe and Clean:

  • Remember to store your jewelry in a dry area.
  • If left in a humid room like the bathroom it’ll tarnish faster.
  • Storing your jewelry after usage will prevent oxidation, tarnishing, and scratches.