RIJ Now Offers Lab-Grown Diamonds as Alt Option

Posted on Friday, October 13th, 2017 at 3:45 pm by Jeremy

As the #1 source for fine jewelry and diamonds in Memphis, TN for the last 40 years, Robert Irwin Jewelers is proud to offer an alternative for its diamond buyers. Our lab-grown diamonds are grown by Pure Grown Diamonds in Singapore, the most influential pioneers in the above earth diamond industry. It allows the consumer to buy a bigger diamond at a more affordable price.

"I want to give our customers more options. I've been asked many times about an alternative to mined diamonds. Now, with the choice of a lab-grown diamond, our customers can afford a larger/brighter diamond at a lower price." - Howie K. CEO of Robert Irwin Jewelers

While all natural diamonds at RIJ are conflict free, we want to set the standard for our customers, offering diamonds that are 100% eco-conscious to the diamond buyer. Now you don’t have to choose between beauty, quality and conscience folks… you can have it all!

Here are the main reasons we decided to offer lab-grown diamonds.

·      To provide an alternative in diamonds that are beautiful, certified, sustainable, and guaranteed conflict-free.

·      To provide the highest quality, value, innovation and choice using the latest technology in an environment of honesty, transparency and fairness with our customers.

·      Our commitment to customers to forge trust through education, and always putting you, our customer, first.

·      Our commitment to respect and celebrate every individual, everywhere.

·      Our commitment to sustainability and our environment.

·      Our commitment to ethics, honesty, and full disclosure.

·      Our commitment to innovation, challenging ourselves, and expanding our products and services as a fine jewelry and diamond industry leader in the Mid-South.

Education & The Process

A gemologist cannot tell the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a mined diamond because there is no difference. Lab-grown diamonds are often able to achieve a higher quality than their mined counter parts due to the environment in which they are grown. A lab-grown diamond is then carefully faceted and crafted into a beautiful, fiery and brilliant diamond. All lab grown diamonds at RIJ will be accompanied by a grading report and laser inscribed as lab grown. 

Look for our next article on lab grown diamonds! We will continue to provide more education. If you have any questions, please email us at support@rijewelers.com or give us a call at (901) 767-3397. Our lab-grown diamond feed will be added to the website soon so you can shop at your leisure!