Our Story

Robert Irwin Jewelers was founded by brothers, Robert and Irwin in 1977 in New York’s diamond district. From a small office on 7 W 45th Street they manufactured and distributed gold lockets around the Southeast US. Robert would travel the country selling their unique designs while Irwin stayed back at the factory to make sure that every piece that was manufactured met the specific standards of their most demanding customers.

On a business trip to Memphis Robert had an epiphany. Realizing that Memphis was the central distribution hub of the United States, Robert called Irwin pleading to move operations. The two brothers packed up all of their belongings, and left the big apple behind. They set up shop in Memphis on Hollywood and Broadway. Business was great and in the mid-eighties, they sensed another opportunity for expansion.This time rather than travel and sell their merchandise to other retailers they would continue manufacturing their own merchandise and pass the savings to the customer. 

Still family owned and based in Memphis, Robert Irwin Jewelers has become the mid south’s number one fine jewelry store for engagement rings, wedding sets, and wedding bands. Ushering in a new era of 2nd generation owners, RIJ's mission is to represent the diversity of love and relationships in the modern world.